Pharmacy safes are special storage security solutions that are designed to protect medications that are more valuable and at risk of theft. Some examples of these medications include opioids, psychotropics, and those that are considered hazardous. The safes are critical for the security, accountability, and regulatory compliance of the pharmacy. You can learn more about pharmacy safes and why they're so important for a pharmacy to have in this article. 

Access will be controlled: A pharmacy safe will have a secure locking mechanism that restricts access to those who are authorized to open it. Some of the locks these safes can have include combinations, electronic keypads, or biometric fingerprint recognition. Limiting access to these medications to authorized personnel only helps prevent theft and misuse of the medications. 

Compliance will be adhered to: Pharmacies will be required to comply with specific guidelines and regulations regarding the proper storage of medications. This is especially true of controlled substances. A safe used in the pharmacy will need to meet specific requirements set by regulatory bodies, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration. The safes may need to meet specific lock requirements and storage capabilities. Special pharmacy safes will meet all the requirements needed for the pharmacy to remain in compliance. 

Durability: In order for a safe to be capable of properly protecting the medication, it will need to be very strong. Pharmacy safes are made from heavy-duty materials like thick steel. When the safes are very durable, they act as a huge deterrent for those thinking of stealing medications. Even if they decide to go through with it, they won't be able to bypass the pharmacy safe. 

Size and storage: When looking for a pharmacy safe, a big consideration will be the size. The pharmacy is going to need to know that the safe they get will easily accommodate their storage needs on days when they have the biggest supply of medications on hand. Pharmacy safes are large enough to store all the medications they need to securely store. However, many of the safes are still designed in a space-saving way because they are often tall and thin. This makes it easy to install them in the pharmacy without giving up much precious floor space. They will also be designed with shelves inside, so the pharmacy can store all the medication in an organized manner. 

Environmental protection: Some medications are sensitive to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature changes, moisture, and more. The medicines can become less stable and less effective if stored improperly. This is why it's great to know that many pharmacy safes will even come with additional features to keep the medications in the right environment.

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