The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) controls drug trafficking in the United States. It coordinates drug investigations both domestically and internationally. To combat drug distribution in the United States, the organization has enacted various rules that those who handle controlled substances must follow. The general storage rule requires people to lock their possessions in a DEA-compliant safe. These approved safes have been tested to comply with all the required security measures. The safe prevents unauthorized people from consuming the stored narcotics, thus harming them. Additionally, it prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing these narcotics and selling them to other people. This blog will highlight some advantages of having a DEA-approved safe. 

It Controls People's Access to the Safe

A DEA-compliant safe has various features that limit people's access to the safe. First, the safe is metallic, making it difficult to break. The safe is made from steel, which is tough and durable. Second, the door is password-protected, allowing those with the password access to the safe. You can also change the password regularly to limit people's access to the safe. The door can also close by itself if someone leaves it open, thus adding to the safe's security measure. Furthermore, some DEA compliant safes may be mounted on the wall, making it difficult for people to remove them. All these features have been incorporated into the safe to ensure only authorized people have access to it.

It is Fireproof

Fires are unpredictable and can happen anywhere. Those who handle controlled substances may not factor in fire emergencies. However, a DEA-compliant safe can endure high temperatures, making them ideal storage boxes if a fire occurs. This is because most safes are made of fireproof material. They can often handle high temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for up to one hour. These safes will ensure your stored substances are secure if your facility faces a fire emergency. 

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Handling various narcotics is a strenuous task because you must ensure these controlled substances are secure. As such, with the help of a DEA-compliant safe, you will not stress about having a safe place to store these narcotics. Additionally, you will be relieved to comply with the DEA regulations. These safes give you peace of mind because it protects your business from liabilities, such as fines for not having a DEA-compliant safe. You will not have to worry about the stored substances' security if you leave your facility.