Primarily, auto locksmiths will not only unlock your vehicle, they will also offer additional services such as the following:

Improve the Security of Your Vehicle

Are you concerned that your vehicle's locks aren't secure enough? Would you like to upgrade to keyless entry systems? If so, an automotive locksmith can assist with that. Consult an auto locksmith to understand the different car locking systems, benefits, and costs. Once you have selected a locking system, the auto locksmith can install it. 

24-Hour Emergency Services

Do you remember when you broke or lost your car keys just before heading home or to work? You probably had to tow your vehicle to the dealership to get a key replacement. That took several days to a week to get done and cost a tidy sum. 

You could have avoided the extra cost and extended wait by contacting auto locksmiths. Some locksmiths offer mobile services and will travel to you at any time. If your key broke in the lock, they'll have the kit needed to remove it. 

If you lose your keys, the auto locksmiths can unlock your vehicle and replace the keys. Most auto locksmiths can service almost all car brands, regardless of whether it's domestic or foreign. 

Perform Automotive Lock Repairs 

If your car locks are degrading and wearing down, a trip to the auto locksmith can help fix that. Some are even capable of repairing the ignition and replacing the car door. Keep in mind that these services aren't ideal for emergency situations. 

For example, you can't have your door replaced in just a few minutes or an hour because doors are brand specific. The auto locksmith has to inspect the vehicle to determine the brand and model. With this information, the auto locksmith can order the necessary parts and begin working on your door repairs. Lock or ignition repairs can be completed within a few hours. 

Car Lock Re-keying 

Would you like to change your vehicle's locking mechanism such that your old keys don't work? If so, you'll need an auto locksmith to re-key your vehicle's locks. Note that re-keying doesn't fix broken locks. 

The re-keying process involves:

  • Removing the paneling
  • Accessing the cylinder to remove it
  • Rearranging or changing the internal components

Once complete, the auto locksmith will make a new key to fit the lock. 

Typically, re-keying is cheaper than replacement, but the labor costs are almost similar. Can you re-key the locks yourself? Yes, it's possible, but with auto locksmiths, you get experts and high-security key options. Contact a local locksmith service, such as Roland Park Lock And Key, to learn more.