Would you like to see more control in the way people access your business premises? Access control is a key pillar in physical security. It ensures people access only spaces they have the authority to access. Keypads, biometric scanners, and ordinary locks are all forms of access control. Advances in security technology have enabled these systems to operate wirelessly. You can open a door using your mobile or by scanning your fingerprint. What advantages do wireless commercial access control security systems offer?

Better Hygiene 

A lot of contact makes locks susceptible to carrying bacteria and viruses. The coronavirus pandemic showed that viruses and bacteria easily spread in such spaces. Wireless access control eliminates this risk. You can install hybrid access control systems that accept different opening methods, including proximity cards, mobile apps, and biometrics.

High Security 

Wireless access control eliminates keys, which come with the risk of getting misplaced. Keys can also be copied. It is impossible to duplicate biometrics. In a proximity card system, the communication between the card and the lock is encrypted to avoid signal interception. The credentials are not stored in the locks but in cloud storage. 

Easier Management 

In conventional keyed systems, loss of keys requires changing the locks and duplicating keys for everyone. In big and busy premises, the turnover of locks can be very inconvenient and also expensive.

Wireless commercial access control security systems are easy to configure from the central server. You can add, delete or change users in a few minutes. You can manage the system remotely. 

A wireless online system makes multi-site commercial access control possible. Users can move from one site to another and use their credentials. It is very convenient for users and also avoids duplication of records. 

Better Data Analytics 

Traditional key and lock systems do not give insights into what is happening. You can never tell a user's identity as long as they have the correct key. It also does not provide useful data such as the number of access and peak access traffic hours.

Wireless commercial access control systems give useful data that you can analyze to improve your security. The data collected shows user access, times accessed, time of access, and duration of access. You can easily bring up this data. It becomes very easy to audit the data when there is a security incident.  

Would you like to implement a more efficient access control system in your workplace? Talk to companies like Howlett  Lock And Door about a commercial access control security system.