Sometimes the best safe for your business is not one that is the most secure but one that is the best hidden. Here is what you need to know about hiding a safe. 

Wall Safes May Have Limited Space And Protection

If you want to hide a safe within a wall, know that the safe itself may be very limited in terms of space and protection. That is because wall safes typically need to fit within the space between a wall, which means that you are limited to about the width of a 2x4. This may not be practical if you want a wall safe that is hidden. The thickness required for a safe that is fireproof may not be possible since you are extremely limited as to what will fit into the space. 

However, you may have some flexibility at your business if the rear side of the wall is in a space where people do not normally have access to. You can purchase a wall safe that is deeper and thicker, and your locksmith can secure it so that it is supported on the opposite side of the wall. This could involve installing a brace that is mounted to the floor that the safe will then be secured to.

In-Ground Safes Can Provide Maximum Protection

If you want to keep a safe hidden and secure and a wall is not an option, you can install an in-ground safe at your business. A hole will be made in the concrete for the safe to slide into, and then you can cover it with a rug so that it is not easily seen.

The problem with installing an in-ground safe is that it may not be possible based on how your foundation was constructed. If you just have solid concrete for your foundation, it is possible that the hole can be created and the safe will fit right into it. However, newer construction uses post-tension slabs, which must remain intact for the structural integrity of the foundation to be maintained. This means that an in-ground safe may not be an option for you. 

As you can see, there are a lot of potential variables with installing a safe at your business that is secure and hidden. Reach out to your locksmith if you have questions about installing a safe since they can handle everything for you.

To learn more about your security options, contact a commercial locksmith.