You will probably at one time have to go through the ordeal of having your car stall right in the middle of the road. You may get a flat tire, a mechanical problem, a lockout, or your battery may simply go flat.

You will need assistance quickly. The situation can get stressful if you have no one to tow you. For your peace of mind, you need to add roadside assistance to your auto insurance if you don't already have it. You have two options:

Your Current Insurer


This option is quite affordable. For about $5 or less a month, you will get the peace of mind you require. If you are the typical driver, then adding roadside assistance to your auto insurance will give you adequate breakdown coverage. It will also ensure seamless progress in case you need to make a claim.


However, note that your cover is often limited. Towing may be possible only up to a certain distance from your home. You may also be required to pay for services out of pocket before you are reimbursed. Finally, you may be limited to using certain towing services.

Under normal circumstances, using roadside assistance should not affect your premium rates. For a few insurers, though, it may, especially if you use it too often. Clarify with your insurer if this is the case. If so, you may have to limit your use to real emergency situations.

Other Providers

These include membership clubs such as AAA, the Better World, American Association of Retired Persons, etc. Some car manufacturers will also offer extended warranty on new cars that cover roadside assistance. You may also be able to get roadside assistance through your cell phone or credit card service providers.


A provider such as AAA will offer perks that you will not find with other auto insurance companies. These may include subsidized hotel rates. You may want to take this route if you are a frequent long-distance traveler.


On the downside, some providers may not cover some crucial services such as towing in a flood or fire.

Adding roadside assistance to your auto insurance will not cost much, and the benefits such as access to roadside assistance locksmiths are great. For an average driver, such an arrangement will give you the protection you need in case you get stranded by the roadside.

However, before you sign up, ensure you read the fine print to understand the terms and conditions applicable. If the coverage does not meet your needs, you have the option of getting the service from other providers.