If you recently experienced a burglary in your home but noticed no signs of forced entry, speak to a locksmith about lock bumping. Lock bumping is a special technique used by thieves to open doors with cylinder- and bolt-locking systems. The technique allows criminals to access homes without any signs of forced entry. Here's how lock bumping affects you and how you can protect your home from it. 

How Severe Is Lock Bumping?

Lock bumping is one of the techniques criminals use to gain entry to homes unnoticed. The technique doesn't rely on high-tech equipment or computer systems to invade your privacy. Instead, lock bumping relies on a specially-made key and a regular screwdriver to do the job. The tools allow the thieves to "unlock" residential doors without a trace.

Thieves usually target doors with old bolt locks and cylinder locks. The criminals place the key inside the lock, then use their screwdriver to manually manipulate or release the cylinder from its place in the door. Once unlocked, the criminals quietly enter your residence and take your belongings.

Lock bumping can occur with or without anyone present in the home. Because of this, lock bumping can be dangerous for your family. To protect your loved ones from the dangers of lock bumping, it's important to replace or reinforce your home's doors and other entrances now. 

How Do You Prevent Lock Bumping?

If possible, contact a professional locksmith as soon as you can. The criminals who previously invaded your home may return in the future. A locksmith can replace your current locking system with locks that resist or slow down bump locking. These types of locks stay in place, even with the bump key inserted into the keyhole. A locksmith can go over the best types of systems for your home's doors and other entrances. 

In addition, a locksmith may suggest that you install a security system in your home. The system may include a network of cameras and other equipment that could potentially deter crime. You can also connect the cameras to your smart devices to keep tabs on your home when you leave. A locksmith may inspect your home to see where the cameras benefit it most, such as over the front door and around the garage. 

If you need peace of mind or a new way to keep your family safe, contact services such as Inteli Lock Service for more information today.