As a bank employee, you know that the vault door has to remain wide open when the bank is open for business. The purpose is not to invite would-be bank robbers to just enter the vault and take stuff. On the contrary, the purpose of keeping a vault door wide open is to prevent people from being trapped inside. In the event that this door should ever be shut with someone inside, you need to act quickly. Here is what you should do next to make sure you can rescue the trapped person in time.

Call the Bank Manager

The bank manager has the override codes to free trapped employees. If the bank manager is not on the premises, he or she will need to drive to the bank as quickly as possible. If the bank manager is out-of-town, then you have to call a commercial locksmith.

Call Commercial Locksmith Services

A commercial locksmith deals with commercial locks, such as the one on your bank vault, all the time. He or she can respond to an emergency call such as this at a moment's notice, and arrive in less than an hour (which is all the air time most bank vaults have when the door is shut). He or she will examine what type of locking system and alarm system you have, attempt to override the alarms and short-circuit the locking mechanism to open the vault. Using a blowtorch is a last resort, as it damages the vault door and locking system that will cost thousands of dollars to replace.

Call Emergency Services

With either the locksmith or the bank manager there, you should call the police and an ambulance. The police need to know that the bank is not being robbed if the alarm system is triggered. The rescue team needs to be present to help rescue the person trapped inside in the event that he or she has been losing air and unable to take deep breaths for some time. You can also make this call while waiting for the locksmith or your bank manager to arrive. 

If Applicable, Try to Keep the Trapped Person Calm

Some bank vaults come with two-way intercoms for situations such as this. If applicable to your bank vault, try to use the intercom to keep the trapped person calm. Agitated and frightened people breathe more and even hyperventilate, which would be very bad in this instance. Use plenty of reassuring words and remind him/her to stay calm because help is coming.

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