Are you a car owner? If so, experiencing a lockout could be a major convenience that you face in the near future. Sometimes individuals have one door on their vehicles that is inoperable from the outside, the inside or both. This is a phenomenon that can happen for a number of reasons. Understanding the potential causes can help you perform a quick analysis on your own and determine whether professional assistance is needed. The following points will help you understand potential causes of car doors that will not open.

Child Safety Lock

This is a feature that is present in most modern vehicles. These locks are usually located on back doors. They are designed to keep children safe during transportation. They are located in the inside panel of car doors where the open and close. If this is the issue, your door will open from the outside but not the inside. The fix is easy. Manually switch the child safety feature off using the switch in the door. 

Broken Lock

This type of issue presents itself as a door that will not open from the inside nor outside. A broken lock can be dangerous in certain situations such as a car wreck or vehicle fire. This is why it is ideal to get the lock repaired as soon as possible. Broken locks are often the result of poorly manufactured vehicles. However, this type of damage can also occur due to acts such as vandalism or vehicle abuse. 


This is a feature that is present in certain vehicles. Car doors lock when the feature is activated. Some vehicles with this feature lock automatically. Others have a certain method of activating the feature. For example, it could be activated via a car remote. The  feature is a good anti-theft deterrent. However, if an individual loses their key or locks them inside of their vehicle, accessing the vehicle will be difficult because all of the doors will be inoperable inside and out. This is why it is a good idea to have an extra set of keys if your vehicle has this feature. 

Damaged Door

This can happen during a collision. It may even happen after bodywork has been performed on a vehicle. A damaged door may have other working mechanisms such as working windows and locks. However, the structural integrity of the door may prevent it from being able to open from the inside and outside. 

A locksmith, such as from Stephen K Migoley, is a good resource to use if your basic troubleshooting results in your car door still not working. They can perform an in-depth inspection to determine what is causing your issue.