When you think of locksmith services, you probably think about replacing lost keys or replacing locks. The reality is that a locksmith can do a lot more to make your home safe and secure. Here are just some of the many ways your locksmith can make your home safer.

Install Fire Ladders

If your home has bedrooms on the second floor, you may be concerned about how you and your children will be able to get out of the home in the event of a fire. A locksmith can install fire ladders outside of each bedroom window to aid in an escape from a fire. Have your locksmith inspect the windows while installing the ladders. He or she can assess whether new locks for your windows are needed at this time. A fire ladder will only help if your children can quickly undo a window lock or latch.

Nursery Cameras

Your home may already have security cameras installed outside to help ward off intruders, but having cameras installed inside your home can also provide added peace of mind. Instead of relying on a traditional baby monitor, work with your locksmith to install a nursery camera in your infant's room. The locksmith can install permanently placed cameras that connect to your smartphone for easy viewing when you are in the other room or when you are away at work. Your locksmith can also help you install an intercom system that lets you chat with your children in their rooms while you prepare dinner in the kitchen or fold clothes in the laundry room.

Panic Buttons

During a home invasion or other type of home-related emergency, you and your children may not be able to get to a phone to call for help. Installing panic buttons in the home can provide vital access to emergency services. Your locksmith can install panic buttons that connect to your home security system. When pressed, they send an alert to your home security monitoring company to let them know you have an emergency. The signal is silent, so it won't alert any intruders in your home. These buttons can be placed in the kitchen and bathroom, and they are also ideal for use in closets where you might hide from a potential burglar.

Your locksmith can also install a home security system, cameras, motion lights, and a range of other equipment designed to keep you and your family safe. Consider scheduling an appointment for a home security and safety assessment, such as from Ability Lock & Key, and use the results to determine which types of safety and security equipment are right for your home.