If your business has recently suffered a break-in, you have some disgruntled ex-employees with keys to the place, or you're just looking to improve your safety, then you should hire a locksmith to replace the locks. But do you truly need all of the locks replaced, or should you just have them re-keyed? Here are some thoughts and facts to help you decide which option is best for your situation.

Re-keying Changes Who Can Enter

If your goal is just to ensure that someone who has a key to your current locks can no longer enter, then you may just want to have the locks re-keyed. This process is a lot easier, less time-consuming, and less costly. The locksmith will just remove the pins and springs from the lock cylinder, replacing them with new ones in a different orientation. The old keys will no longer work, and you'll get new ones.

Re-Keying Does Not Always Fix Lock Problems

If you are having trouble with your locks, such as if they are jamming up or having trouble turning, re-keying may not fix this problem. Locksmiths usually lubricate locks when they re-key them, and this can help with a lot of problems -- but not all of them. If your locks are very aged and have been troublesome, then you may be best off replacing them entirely. If you just have them re-keyed, you may find yourself having to call the locksmith back to replace them in a few months, anyway.

Replacing Locks Updates the Look

Even if your locks are working properly, ask yourself if they still suit the look of your building. Locks can keep working well for decades, but locks from 1960 may not be fashionable anymore. Having them replaced will keep your building looking modern, which in some industries, is practically a necessity if you want to keep attracting new customers.

Replacing Locks Can Take a While

If you do plan to have all of the locks on your building entirely replaced, know that this is a rather time-consuming project. If you have more than two or three locks, your locksmith may be there for a half a day or more. On the contrary, having locks re-keyed is a lot faster and a better choice if you're in a pinch and just quickly need the locks changed. 

To learn more about re-keying, replacing locks, and the benefits of both options, reach out to your local locksmith. Contact a company like Redmond's Aviation Lock & Key for more information and assistance.