As a small business owner, you want to make sure that you keep your storefront protected. Even with insurance, any delay in business can be devastating as a small business owner. Protecting your business starts with using the right locks and security systems, all of which your local locksmith can assist you with.

Use Strong Locks

The first step towards protecting your business is by using strong locks. Make sure that your entry doors use deadbolts on them. With business entry doors, sometimes additional locks are necessary. You may need sliding locks on the top or bottom of your doors as well that you can lock into place.

If your storefront has a lot of glass on it, you may want to consider a security metal door, that slides down over the outside of your storefront and is locked into place. Your local locksmith can help you select the right type of doors and locks to keep your business safe.

Install Security Cameras

Install real security cameras inside of your business, not just decoy security cameras. These security cameras should be pointed at your entry way in order to catch an image of everyone who walks in and out of your store. You should also have security cameras pointed at your cash register as well as at any valuable items or areas within your store as well.

Your local locksmith can not only install the right locks on all of your doors, they can set up your security camera system as well. Many locksmiths specialize not just in locks, but in other security measures as well.

Install an Alarm

Along with security cameras, you should have an alarm installed so that you can be instantly notified if someone were to break in. You can sign up with an alarm company that will automatically notify both you and the policy when an alarm goes off at your place of business.

The alarm sensors should be installed on all entry points into your store, including both the front and back. You should also put alarm sensors on all your storefront windows, so if an intruder tries to break through a window instead of a door, the proper authorities are still alerted.

Keep your business safe by upgrading to the right locks for all of your entry doors. Install security cameras that record who enters and leaves your store from all entrances. Put in place an alarm system that will alert authorities if someone breaks into your business. Your local locksmith can assist you with all of these tasks. Contact a company, like Scottsdale Locksmithing, for more help.