Home safes are generally sturdy and resistant to damage, but there are still some things that go wrong. For instance, the hinges or bolt may need to be replaced if the safe is forced open. Locks can develop issues too. One common problem is breaking the key off in the lock. This can be a serious situation since you won't be able to open the safe until the lock is fixed. Here's how to handle this emergency with your safe.

Try To Grasp The Key Or Fish It Out

If the key is partially out of the lock, you can try to grasp it and pull it out. Needle nose pliers are ideal for this if there is enough space on the key for grasping. There is one problem with using this method. You may push the key in deeper so it can no longer be reached. Be very careful if you use a bobby pin or some other object to try to fish the key out. Chances are, you'll just push the key in deeper and make it even more difficult to remove. Still, it doesn't hurt to try to pull or fish out the key if you can because a locksmith can remove the key no matter how deep it is, and that's your next option if you can't remove the key yourself.

Call A Locksmith

If you have a big safe, you can call a locksmith to come to your home. If the safe is light enough to carry, you may want to take it to a safe repair service to save money on a house call. A locksmith will probably remove the key with a key extraction tool. This looks like a thin rod with a hook on the end. The goal is to insert the rod into the lock, hook a cut on the key, twist it, and then pull the key out. While this sounds simple, it often takes many tries to be successful.

Once the key is out, the locksmith can make a copy of it from the two pieces so you'll have a new key for your safety. The locksmith may also check the lock to make sure nothing was damaged from poking objects into it while trying to fish out the key.

A locksmith can gain entry to just about any lock using various methods and in the worse case scenario, a safe can be forced open. Before resorting to violent methods of opening your safe such as prying or using a blow torch, take it to a locksmith. The solution may be as simple as using a tiny tool.

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